Don’t Panic: How to Deal with Bailiffs on Your Doorstep Without Losing Your Mind

Imagine this scenario. You’re minding your own business, enjoying a cup of coffee or watching your favorite show, and then you hear a loud knock at the door. You answer it, and to your horror, you see a bailiff standing on your doorstep. Suddenly, your heart starts racing, and you begin to panic. What should […]

Defend Yourself Against a Country Court Judgment: A Step-by-Step Guide

What exactly is a CCJ, why is it granted and how do you react to it? If you or your company receives one, it is a threat that needs to be handled quickly and decisively because failure to do so can have serious consequences. So, if you find it difficult to repay it, you should […]

Alternatives to bailiff enforcement – debt relief orders and bankruptcy

First, look at what bailiff enforcement, debt relief orders, and bankruptcy mean. If you do not clear your debts, such as county court, high court, family court judgments, council tax bills, parking fines, court fines, or something similar, a bailiff (an “enforcement agent”) may visit your home. This will occur if you disregard letters warning […]

How To Negotiate A Payment Plan With Collection Agencies?

How To Negotiate A Payment Plan With Collection Agencies? When you’re attempting to do the correct thing and try your best to pay your debt, it can be stressful to have a debt in collections. When the collection agency or bailiff doesn’t cooperate with you, it can make things even more difficult. For negotiating a payment […]