Defend Yourself Against a Country Court Judgment: A Step-by-Step Guide

What exactly is a CCJ, why is it granted and how do you react to it? If you or your company receives one, it is a threat that needs to be handled quickly and decisively because failure to do so can have serious consequences. So, if you find it difficult to repay it, you should […]

Bailiff reform: What changes can we expect in the near future?

Let us first start by understanding what bailiffs and reforms mean. A bailiff is a manager, overseer, or custodian who has been given some level of authority or jurisdiction. Bailiffs come in various shapes and sizes, with varying responsibilities and offices. A bailiff (also known as an enforcement officer) is a person who holds the […]

Understanding the Role of Bailiffs: Duties, Powers, and Limitations

Understanding the Role of Bailiffs: Duties, Powers, and Limitations Bailiffs, also known as enforcement agents, are individuals who are authorized to collect debts on behalf of creditors. They are often used as a last resort after other attempts to collect the debt have failed and this is when people look out for bailiff help. In […]

Alternatives to Bailiff Action

Alternatives to Bailiff Action Stress and related medical issues can both be significantly influenced by debt. The strain increases as the requests for money do as well.  Who is a Bailiff, and what can he do? A bailiff is a legal representative who ensures that a court’s rulings are followed. Each bailiff is in charge […]