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We offer Free Debt Advice to help people with bailiff debts and other debts and help write off a percentage of your debts. We can stop bailiffs attending and threatening further action, and stop all interest and charges.

    Bailiff Help & Advice

    Bailiffs can be intimidating and having them appear on your doorstep to seize your assets can be a stressful time – but don’t be afraid, Bailiff Help Now, is here to help. Furthermore, there are organisations that provide free debt advice to assist you better manage your finances and avoid additional financial difficulty.

    • We Can Stop Bailiff Visits
    • We Can Stop Bailiff Action
    • We Can Help With Council Tax Bailiffs
    • We Can Speak To Your Creditors And Bailiffs For You
    • We can help You With Your Debt And Arrange A Manageable Solution

    Are you struggling financially with your debts, and managing your finances?

    Are you worried about possible bailiff action, and further costs?

    Have you been contacted by a bailiff company, and need some advice?

    Contact our qualified advisers for free bailiff help and advice today.

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    What Is A Bailiff, How Can
    I Get Help?

    We have been helping people with bailiff debts and giving debt advice for over 15 years. A bailiff (also known as an enforcement officer) is an individual who is legally authorised to recover an outstanding debt.

    Bailiffs should not turn up without warning you first – they need to provide at least 7 days’ notice for their first visit, and you will have received a final demand letter, which will have warned you about the use of Bailiffs. If you would like bailiff help, and advice then please contact us today on 0333-577-9890

    Bailiffs should only be used for the following types of debt:

    • Council tax
    • CCJs
    • High Court Judgements
    • Child Support & Maintenance
    • Parking Fine
    • Business rent & rates
    • VAT
    • Income tax
    • National insurance

    Bailiffs do not collect debts for credit cards, overdrafts or payday loans unless you have failed to pay, after a CCJ.

    Bailiffs – How To Stop Them, And How To Deal With Them

    While Bailiffs will contact you directly, and are authorised to visit your home to collect debts, they have to adhere to the law and if you know your rights, it will help you deal with a Bailiff in the best way possible.

    Bailiff advice

    Do not be intimidated

    bailiff help

    Do not let them in
    your home

    bailiff help

    Do not sign any

    Speak To One of Our Qualified Advisors For
    FREE Bailiff Help and Advice

    Bailiff Help and Writing Off a Percentage of your Debts.

    About Bailiff Help Now

    For over 15 years we have been helping people manage bailiffs problems and debts, and whatever problems you are up against, we will help you too.

    We understand that creditors and bailiffs can be stressful, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our bailiffs expertise means that we will assess your situation and provide the option that best suits your circumstances.

    We offer a friendly, confidential, specialised service to you, whether you’re looking for free advice without obligation, or a solution to become completely debt free.

    Benefit from our help and support by contacting us today to discuss what options are available for you in helping you get through everything.

    Why Choose Us

    • Over 15 Years Experience With Debt Help And Bailiff Help.
    • Bailiff Help And Writing Off a Percentage of your Debts.
    • Stop Bailiff Enforcement, Stop Action Quickly
    • Help With Council Tax Bailiffs
    • Offer Assistance With A High Court Writ
    • We Look At different Debt Solutions

    Some of the Bailiffs we’ve stopped

    Bailiff Help Now has helped customers stop a wide range of Bailiffs, below is just a small selection of those we can help you with.


    Exellent service. Friendly staff. Fast and efficient service.

    Exellent service. Friendly staff. Fast and efficient service. Would highly recommend.

    Very friendly. Non judgmental. Highly recommended

    Very friendly. Non judgmental very easy to talk to. Absolutely would recomend them,make you feel at ease. Thank you for your service.

    Excellent company

    Excellent company Paul who dealt with everything for me was kind and friendly and was never to hard to answer all my questions and reassure me

    Totally recommend this company

    I would totally recommend this company they have really really helped me through my debt and helped me to get myself into an Iva which I will benefit from so so much. The person I spoke to the whole way through has been a massive support. I couldn’t thank them enough

    Fantastic service, extremely professional

    Fantastic service, extremely professional and personal. Paul my advisor helped me every step of the way offering support and putting my mind at ease! I absolutely cannot recommend Michael Allen enough for people in the same situation as me..... outstanding!

    Recommend to anyone needing financial help

    I recently had Paul who was the financial advisor, who had a very caring and understand knowledge to my needs. Was explained my options in full and with me understanding each step. Had a few hicupps along the way, but got there in the end, Took just over a week there abouts to complete. Great service , And would certainly recommend to anyone needing financial help out there

    Free Debt Advice

    There are several organisations that provide free debt advice.

    Money Helper Service

    To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice, visit Money Helper Service, an independent service set up to help people manage their money.


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